More About BTS

Random, general facts. Scattered info.

  1. formed in 2012
  2. active til current
  3. BTS's music include EDM, RNB, rock, and rap aspects
  4. Each song has a theory that it goes along with; some ARMYs devote lots of time to connecting or figuring these theories out
  5. Produced more than 75 songs
  6. BTS writes their own lyrics
  7. Their MVs include lots of coordinated dance
  8. The youngest member of the group joined at 15 years of age. Since all members were required to be able to speak Japanese to be in the group, he learned it all at 13 (when he first auditioned and made it in)
  9. Each member can speak Japanese as well as Korean; RM (leader) can also speak English
  10. Released 19 albums
  11. In Time Magazine's 2019 international edition, they were named one of the most influential people of the year.
  12. Managed to sell out huge stadiums
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